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Save My Marriage Today Review

Brad & Michelle
Reviewers: Brad and Michelle Ritchie
(Marriage Guidance Counselors)

Save my marriage todayThis product is a top seller and is firmly established in the market. It provides incredibly valuable insights into the reasons for many of the marital problems confronting so many couples today.

The "Save My Marriage Today" guide is authored by Amy Waterman and Andrew Rusbatch who are professional writers/consultants specializing in relationship issues.

Save My Marriage Today comprises 4 marriage saving e-books, as well as an exclusive collection of revealing personal articles from people who have been through the trauma of a failing marriage and have learned, through this save my marriage today guide, exactly how to make a marriage work.

Amy and Andrew provide sure fire methods for couples to break the ice and develop meaningful ways to successfully interact and strengthen their failing relationship.

Here's a sample of some of the topics covered in the Save My Marriage Today guide:

  • Unresolved conflicts. What to do about them and how to successfully resolve them.
  • Extra-marital affairs. How to handle the soul destroying issue of infidelity in marriage.
  • Lack of intimacy. What is normal with regard to sex in marriage? - You may be surprised!!
  • Ineffective or not enough communication. How to deal with a non communicative partner.
  • A suffocating partner. You need to know what do do if you have this problem.
  • Children issues. If they are affecting your marriage it's important that you deal with this in a way that doesn't compromise family relationships.
  • Trial separations and how to manage them to bring about the result that you want to achieve.
  • Plus many more complex and difficult situations that are encountered in troubled marriages and most importantly, how to resolve them and save your marriage.

Amy and Andrew identify the major problems occurring in troubled marriages and show you how to avoid those crucial mistakes that actually jeopardize your chances of saving your failing marriage.

In addition to this they have included a free email consultation so that customers can discuss their specific problems with them or a member of their team. (In our opinion this is a bonus that is worth the cost of the course alone).

There are a couple of minor matters that we don't agree with, however relationship advisors are a little like economists in that each has their own opinion as to what will work and what won't.

That being said, the techniques they reveal are thought provoking and in our experience those same techniques, when applied, have been proven time and time again to help save marriages. 

We’re impressed that the following six bonuses are currently supplied with the guide: 


"Stress The Silent Killer - A Comprehensive Guide to Inner Peace" This bonus ebook will help those with marital issues to deal with the stress in their lives so that they can focus on their marriage with a clear mind.


"Seven Ways to Live Life to the Max" This bonus eBook, will inspire you to tackle the problem areas in your life with a fresh perspective and inner strength.

 7 ways to live life to the max

"How to Be Happy!" This bonus eBook will help you to rediscover the wonderful joy in living and the marvellous feeling of promise that life once held. This will provide a great pickup if you are feeling a little low.

 How to be happy

"The Journey"
 Bonus eBook, where you will discover how to undergo a personal transformation and fill your life with joy, prosperity and happiness.


The Journey 

How to Cheat Proof Your Relationship"
 You'll learn the most common reasons and differences between why men cheat and why women cheat, how to proof your marriage from your partner cheating, and how to avoid temptation yourself.

How to cheat proof your relationship 

Without doubt, this guide provides the most incredibly valuable insights into the major reasons for many of the marital problems confronting countless couples today and presents practical solutions for dealing with those issues.

It's not as comprehensive as the "Premium" Save My Marriage Today program, however because of the wealth of detail, practical advice and extra bonuses provided we rated it extremely highly.

It contains no fluff, gets straight to the point and provides practical and workable solutions rather than simplistic theoretical ones as is the case with many of the other on line guides we purchased. 

Effectiveness:  4 & half stars
Ease of Use:  5 stars
Value for Money:  5 stars
Ongoing Support:  5 stars
OVERALL RATING:  4 & half stars

We have given this product a 4½ out of 5 star rating.

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