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Marriage issues

Unresolved marriage issues are often the major stress points in marriage

Even in quite strong relationships there are times of tension and marriage difficulties caused by unresolved marriage issues. It is when they begin to really take over a relationship and cause real difficulties that advice needs to be sought.

Issues in marriage are many and varied, we will touch on the most common problems that we come across in our practice.


A wife counting a couples moneyThere is no doubt that money is the cause of most relationship troubles... In most marriages the payment of bills and banking matters are left to one spouse.

Sometimes that person is completely illiterate when it comes to budgeting, with the result that the couple often get in a financial mess... then disputes arise.

Communication is the name of the game... continuing discussion and agreement on the handling of the finances is sure to avoid any future difficulties involving money.

Job versus family

Busy parents ignoring their childDifficulties often arise when one partner puts their job ahead of their family... Working long hours at a job is something that many married people use as an excuse to avoid dealing with other matters such as having to help with the children or helping prepare the evening meal.

A working spouse may also be very ambitious and feel it necessary to work long hours to impress the boss. Either way marital relationships suffer.

Sex & Intimacy

Couple having a passionate kissAlong with money problems, disagreement over the matter of sex is one of the major marriage issues.

Often partners have completely different levels of desire and expectations. This can lead to arguments and resentment with one person feeling unloved because their sexual appetite is not being satisfied and the other person feeling that they are being pressured into something that they don’t want to do.

Sexual dysfunction is also becoming increasingly common with almost 40% of both men and women citing it as a reason for their intimacy problems.

Bad habits can be a marriage killer

A woman demonstrating bad habits by smoking and drinkingOne spouse’s bad habits can develop into more than an irritation for their partner, they can often be the determining factor for a couples marriage breakup.

In no particular order, here are some of the top annoying, disgusting and irritating behaviors that can grow into monumental marriage issues that are constantly referred to by married couples in our counseling sessions:

  • Bad hygiene habits.
  • Leaving dirty clothes on the bedroom floor.
  • Breaking wind in your partners presence.
  • Lack of personal hygiene.
  • Not tidying up their own mess.
  • Lying or hiding the truth.
  • Not respecting the furniture.
  • Drinking to excess.
  • Monopolizing conversations.
  • Criticizing your spouse in public.
  • Childish behavior.
  • Flirting.
  • Constantly altering the order of things in the home.
  • Nagging.
  • Neglecting grooming.
  • Always putting ones self first in all matters.
  • Openly criticizing the Christian and other beliefs of friends, colleagues and family.
  •  Being a control freak

The list is of course virtually endless. However small your partner’s "faults" are, if you find them irritating they will encumber you, enslave you and prevent you from moving forward in your life.

Long standing bad habits are hard to break, even so given time, there are workable procedures for breaking them if your spouse is willing to co-operate.

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Are you wanting even more help with unresolved issues that you or your partner are facing?

Unresolved issues can often destroy a marriage or can potentially turn a happy marriage into an unhappy one.

If you are concerned about certain matters that are affecting the harmony in your relationship (or the wider family relationship) then take a look at the "Save My Marriage Today" guide to discover practical ways of resolving them.