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Best Marriage Guides Reviewed

Brad & Michelle  Reviewers: Brad & Michelle Richie

The Best Online Marriage Guides - Updated November 2011
In a perfect world, relationships would be trouble-free. However, everybody knows that maintaining a strong bond with your significant other takes a lot of work...

A recent survey found that statistically almost 90% of those couples who had sought help to manage their marital difficulties had succeeded in saving their marriage.

If you are going through difficulties in your relationship you should take heart in the fact that so many people who had sought professional advice had been able to put their marriages back on track.

In our quest to provide the best possible guidance to those suffering marriage difficulties we spent many weeks researching, reviewing and analyzing the most popular marriage guides currently available. 

We have taken a completely professional approach to the reviewing of each of the products. They have all been subjected to a thorough analysis for freshness, effectiveness, content and value for money.

You can be assured that each product was reviewed at arms length and without bias of any kind.

Unfortunately we have to say that the vast majority of the products that we purchased were full of "fluff" and suggested techniques that simply would not work... It left us wondering just how qualified some of these people were that they should have the cheek to offer such rubbish dished up as relationship advice.

There are six guides that stood out from the rest that we consider provide value for money... Each of them has the following characteristics: 



They are effective and given the will and motivation to succeed can work for the majority of people.
A high level of educational achievement is not a necessary requirement.

They are easy to follow.
The steps are simple and easy to apply. .

They are affordable.
Consulting professional relationship experts can be very expensive. Charges of $150 plus per hour are typical. Before you know it you are likely to have spent over $1000 and have still made little headway.
Whereas the guides that we recommend cost a nominal amount (typically under $50) and can be referred to over and over again until the techniques have been mastered.

The authors offer ongoing support.
This is an extremely important and valuable aspect. The recommended guides offer this either in the form of online support by phone, video or email.

They provide valuable bonuses.

Usually provided in the form of additional guides or mp3 recordings.

Money back guarantee.
Each of the recommended guides offers a money back guarantee.

Each guide not only offers practical solutions to your existing problems, they also contain valuable information that will enable you to save your marriage and maintain the general longevity and happiness of your relationship.

Either your choice of one of these recommended guides is a golden opportunity to enjoy a renewed and explosive growth in your relationship... or it's not. There's no way for you to know without trying.

The majority of people who try these proven guides will see that the techniques work and will be happy to have paid the bargain price for this information.

A word of caution. Any reviewer or author that tells you that a marriage guide on its own will magically transform your marriage for the better is really not being totally truthful. All personal betterment requires effort and dedication.

These guides are instantly downloadable through Clickbank which is a well established leader in the sale of digital books worldwide. Their site is totally secure - you can therefore purchase with confidence in the knowledge that your details are safe.


Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course Review
Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course
Reviewers: Brad and Michelle Ritchie

Amy Waterman (Author) has teamed up with
Andrew Rusbatch (Marriage Counselor),
Richard Wheeler (Clinical Psychologist),
Scot and Emily McKay (Relationship coaches)
Mimi Tanner (Online Dating Expert)

These experts combine their talents to bring you what we believe is a top notch marriage guidance program at a fraction of the cost that regular counseling would cost.

The "Save My Marriage Today Premium Home Study Course" comprises by far the most wide-ranging collection of clear cut and practical marriage advice for solving real marriage issues of all the products that we reviewed.

This is an instant-download 12-part video and written course featuring the above personnel. The course contains hours of invaluable information on identifying your issues, examining expectations of marriage, examining beliefs, creating a place for each other, managing anger, falling out of love, and transforming your marriage for the better.

The authors have obviously spent a considerable period of time and talent, building a skill-based course specifically designed to address the issues and areas that are most important to couples in crisis.

If you have found yourself in what you consider to be a hopeless marital situation and are really desperate to put your marriage back on track then in our opinion this is the guide that you should really consider investing in.

This is definitely a GOLD PACKAGE. It is extremely comprehensive and provides advice and solutions on all the major marriage problem areas.

The program covers in precise detail EVERYTHING that you need to know in order to save your marriage and set your relationship back on the path to love and fulfillment.

Our lasting impression of this program is that it is almost like having your own marriage counselors on tap!! 

 Effectiveness:  5 stars
 Ease of Use:  4 & half stars
 Value for Money:  5 stars
 Ongoing Support:  5 stars

We have given this product our maximum 5 star rating.

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Save My Marriage Today ReviewSave My Marriage Today

Reviewers: Brad and Michelle Ritchie

"Save My Marriage Today" is co authored by Amy Waterman and  Andrew Rusbatch both of who are professional writers and consultants specializing in relationship and marriage issues.

This guide comprises 5 marriage saving ebooks, including "How to Cheat Proof Your Relationship" as well as an exclusive collection of members articles.

Also Included in this package is a free email option whereby you can email the "Save My Marriage Today" team and get advice for your specific situation. 

Amy and Andrew provide sure fire methods for couples to break the ice and develop ways to successfully interact and strengthen their failing relationship.

They identify the major problems occurring in troubled marriages and show you how to easily avoid and correct those crucial mistakes that actually jeopardize your chances of saving your failing marriage.

We're also very impressed by the fact that a special free email consultation service is also currently included with the package. Although we have not personally accessed this service we are sure that it will be up to the same high standard as the rest of the products.

Without doubt, this guide provides the most incredibly valuable insights into the major reasons for many of the marital problems confronting countless couples today and presents practical solutions for dealing with those issues.

It's not as comprehensive as the "Premium" Save My Marriage Today program, however because of the wealth of detail and practical advice it provides we rated it extremely highly.

It contains no fluff, gets straight to the point and provides practical and workable solutions rather than simplistic theoretical ones as is the case with many of the other on line guides we purchased.

 Effectiveness:  4 & half stars
 Ease of Use:  5 stars
 Value for Money:  5 stars
 Ongoing Support:  5 stars
 OVERALL RATING:  4 & half stars

We have given this product a 4½ out of 5 star rating.

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Save The Marriage eBook Review 

Reviewers: Brad and Michelle RitchieSave the marriage ebook

This guide has been compiled by Lee Baucom, who is a marriage counselor, consultant, and broadcaster. He has also featured in several national magazines because of his unique and effective approach to saving marriages.

We were very impressed with his well presented and easily implemented practical solutions to the multitude of difficulties many people face in their marriages.

The "Save The Marriage eBook" is an outstanding product and has been available now for 10 years. It includes two excellent ebooks, several special reports and a couple of brilliant CD's. In addition purchasers receive a free email consultation and a handful of bonuses.

Although we don't agree completely with Lee Baucom's attitude towards communication in marriage, nevertheless it is extremely well written and most definitely provides workable solutions to many of the marital problems that are facing countless troubled couples today.

The following mp3 audio bonus titles are currently supplied with the guide: 

  • "Coping with a Mid Life Marriage Crisis". 
  • "Recovering From an Affair". 

The fact that Baucom is a counselor in real life and not just an author (like so many of the other marriage guide publishers) certainly shines through in this guide. He has an easy writing style and has gone out of his way to make the entire program simple to follow and very understandable.

 Effectiveness:  4 & half stars
 Ease of Use:  4 & half stars
 Value for Money:  5 stars
 Ongoing Support:  5 stars
 OVERALL RATING:  4 & half stars

We have given this product a 4½ out of 5 star rating.

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2nd Chance Review

Reviewers: Brad and Michelle Ritchie2nd Chance

Compiled by Mirabelle Summers and Amy Waterman. In recognition of the fact that men and women have entirely different approaches to relationships Mirabelle and Amy have provided separate male and female editions. They contend that to be succesful with the reconciliation process there is a definite need to understand how the mind of the opposite sex works.

This "2nd Chance" guide is practical, straightforward and and easy to follow. It is as relevant to unmarried relationships as it is to married ones.

We have reviewed many guides that suggest quite nonsensical approaches to reconciliation. Mirabelle and Amy's guide however covers all the essential steps necessary to maximize your chances of getting your ex back, without the begging, manipulation, or silly games that many people play or that other authors suggest. 

The problem we have found over many years of dealing with relationship breakups is that when endeavoring to get an ex back often a persons first instincts and actions are the ones that are likely to do the most damage.

Begging, crying, pleading, threatening, getting another partner to make them jealous, doing anything to get the attention you are craving, are all things that are going to reinforce the fact that the breakup was the right thing to do.

If you are serious about rescuing your relationship and winning back the love of your ex partner then to our mind this 6-step plan is going to deliver something pretty substantial.

When we took a look at how much genuine and totally workable information is in these guides we were truly impressed.

This is no ordinary ebook. At a whopping 174 pages, it's much, much more.

P.S. We have been advised that for a limited time Mirabelle and Amy are offering some really special bonuses with their guide.

 Effectiveness:  4 & half stars
 Ease of Use:  5 stars
 Value for Money:  5 stars
 Ongoing Support:  4 & half stars
 OVERALL RATING:  4 & half stars

We have given both these products a 4½ out of 5 star rating.

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2nd Chance (Male Version)

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Win Back Love Review

Reviewers: Brad and Michelle RitchieWin back love

Compiled by Annalyn Caras. This Guide is written for couples who are still together but only just and also for those couples who have already broken up and either one or both are desperate for reconciliation. 

In "Win Back Love"  Annalyn provides a detailed 7 step strategic blueprint into how these major problems can be resolved and love and togetherness returned to the relationship.

Annalyn's claims in her blueprint that success in winning your love back is almost certain to be yours in 21 days or less. However our experience in relationship mending is that this claim is rather optimistic. Her techniques as described are very effective, however we would not expect real results for perhaps a couple of months.

Her guide lacks the nonsense and fluff associated with many of the other guides that we reviewed and is straightforward and easy to follow.

It provides practical and detailed advice on solving many common relationship problems particularly those involving lack of real intimacy and love.

Annalyn outlines in an easy to follow style just how simple it can be to restore love and affection in your relationship.

This is a great guide for those who want to enhance or restore marital love.

 Effectiveness:  4 stars
 Ease of Use:  4 & half stars
 Value for Money:  4 stars
 Ongoing Support:  4 stars

We have given this product a 4 out of 5 star rating>

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 Win Back Love  (English version)

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The Magic of Making Up Review

 Reviewers: Brad and Michelle Ritchie

The author T.W. (T Dub) Jackson, claims that "The Magic of Making Up" has helped over 50,000 people in 77The Magic of Making Up.jpg countries to get their marriages back on track.

However don't expect this to be your standard orthodox guide - it isn't ... it provides twists on getting back together that many of the other guides don't cover.

It is not as comprehensive as the "Save My Marriage Today" guides. If you have in-depth problems we recommend that you seriously consider one of those.

It is quite important to bear in mind that "The Magic of Making Up" strategy guide concentrates predominantly on the reconciliation process rather than solving early marital problems or preventing an initial relationship break up. So it's basically designed for couples who have already broken up or on the verge of breaking up and either one, or both partners, want to get back together again.

We have reviewed many guides that have been specifically devoted to getting your ex partner or spouse back after a break up. this one has got to be up there with the best. His 'Fast Forward' and 'Clean Slate' techniques are especially inventive

Jackson includes two really valuable bonus items with his Magic of Making Up Course.

There’s the “Magic Second Chance Letter” which is a letter that is already written for you that you can send to your ex. And the “Clean Slate Method” which is an effective way of how to go about making an apology that will give you the best chance of being forgiven.

Effectiveness:  4 stars
Ease of Use:  4 & half stars
Value for Money:  4 stars
Ongoing Support:  4 stars

We have given this product a 4 out of 5 star rating. 



How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Review

Reviewers: Brad and Michelle RitchieHow to Catch a Cheating Spouse

This in depth guide has been compiled by Sarah Paul who is a dating and relationship counselor and author.

Her "How to Catch a Cheating Spouse" course is an established and time tested product that has been selling online successfully for a number of years.

Although not strictly a marriage saving guide we have included this product because we have found that the majority of people who had purchased it had discovered to their delight that their suspicions were unfounded. To that end we guess you could say that it does indeed help to save marriage.

The cheating spouse main ebook really impressed us. It consists of 126 pages of material, which was much more than we had anticipated from an ebook.

There is a heap of great advice and information, which covers points from behavioral changes, to covert surveillance, to detecting lies, accidental slip-ups, finances, and some thought-provoking facts and figures to put all this behavior in context.

A really cool bonus for those of you that are a little less computer savvy is the "Spy Gadgets & Surveillance Made Easy" bonus book. If you have limited knowledge of the computer or internet, this book is a great way to get you up to speed on what your spouse is doing on the computer and how to track it.

It teaches both basic and advanced monitoring skills, as well as telephone monitoring, room and audio monitoring, video surveillance, webcam and spy cam, as well as a number of other tracking systems and chemical tests.

And if that wasn't enough, Sarah has generously decided to throw in Sherlock Pro, a computer tracking software package. You can record keystrokes, websites visited, and screencaps, and have the benefit of having the results emailed to you. It lacks some of the features of more highly priced tracking applications, but for a free bonus it's pretty comprehensive and gives some good results.

And if there are any lingering doubts or questions, Sarah offers a free consultation with a member of her team.

For frustrated spouses who want to get the truth and put and end to the doubt and despair of not knowing, we would recommend this course as a valuable first step.

 Effectiveness:  5 stars
 Ease of Use:  4 stars
 Value for Money:  5 stars
 Ongoing Support:  5 stars
 OVERALL RATING:  4 & half stars

We have given this product a 4½ out of 5 star rating.

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