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The key to Saving Your Marriage is simply effort and the right mindset.
Saving Your Marriage - intertwined wedding ringsThe difficulties encountered in saving a marriage is a challenge that couples throughout history have agonized over.
Many of the problems that arise in troublesome marriages including communication breakdowns, tension and anxiety, lack of trust, infidelity and other serious issues can be worked through and love and intimacy restored in a relationship.


Thank you for joining us on what may very well be an important journey towards resolving those troublesome marital problems and saving your marriage from impending divorce.

This "Save Your Marriage Advice" site has been set up to provide relationship advice for those unfortunate enough to be experiencing difficulties in their marriage.

Your marriage is in crisis? - Your spouse begins to give you the impression that you have no common future? -  Don't give up too quickly, every marriage has its worries, its ups and downs. The current crisis may even strengthen your relationship.

Couples in extreme crisis often go far beyond the normal boundaries of the conflict. Many couples we've had dealings with actually hate each other and they can barely communicate without arguing and try to hurt each other. It is essential to combat anger, frustration and bitterness.

How you manage the situation and you react will have a major impact on solving your marital problems. Your life is in a period of difficulty and perhaps in a time of change, however it's not the end of the world. Take time to step back, reflect on your relationship and to develop some sort of action plan. Leave nothing to chance and, above all, do not give in to panic.

Implementing the practical techniques outlined in these pages will assist in saving your marriage from divorce and restoring your previous loving relationship.

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The information in these pages will help in restoring your relationship.

With determination, the right mindset and willingness on both sides it's possible to save your marriage before it starts the slide down the slippery slope towards enevitable separation or divorce.

Right now, you have a chance to literally change the course of your life. You can take what you learn here, put it into practice in your relationship, and perhaps one year or less from now you will be more successful in your relationship than you ever dreamed possible.

Saving your marriage can be remarkably simple...
all you have to do is act on what you’re about to learn in these articles.

Saving your marriage alone - be careful you might just be doing it all wrong.

Be very wary of accepting marriage advice from friends or relatives - in many cases this advice is not entirely unbiased and can often make a bad situation worse, even to the point of destroying trust within an immediate or extended family unit.

It cannot be emphasized enough, always seek independent advice on how to improve your marriage if you and your partner genuinely want to settle any kind of marriage crisis that you are unable to settle yourselves.

If at all possible don't even discuss your marriage problems with family members, it can be very upsetting for parents (particularly elderly ones) to learn that their adult child's marriage is in trouble.

Most married couples suffering major problems in their relationship are unable to sort out their difficulties on their own and need independent professional help to do so. Don’t wait too long to seek professional help. The longer you wait the more serious the relationship problems can become.

The younger you are the more likely you are to be successful in resolving your difficulties. Older couples in long term marriages are often too set in their ways to be flexible.

Seek help while you’re still in love and open to change.

What defines a successful marriage?

The ingredients of a successful marriage are like the ingredients of a good recipe. Once you’ve found the right recipe… savor it.

Most marriages will eventually experience disappointments, set-backs and sometimes even failure. It’s up to you and your partner to confront these problems head-on and resolve them together.

No matter what problems occur in your marriage be willing to resolve them. There is no setback you can’t recover from if you are prepared to confront your marital predicaments together.

Cope with challenges as they occur and rest assured in the knowledge that your marriage will grow stronger.

Love is the foundation of all marriages but understanding, acceptance and effective communication in marriage are also essential qualities in a successful relationship.

Make a determined effort to meet each other’s needs both emotional and physical. Treat your spouse as a friend as well as a lover and provider. Appreciate and respect each other and you’ll find it that much easier to cope with trivial annoyances.

Seek and maintain a good balance of leisure, work and pleasure. Set shared goals and encourage each other to work toward them. Dream and plan together and strive to make those dreams and plans come true.

When a decision has to be made, make it together. Value and respect each other’s opinion and advice even when you don't agree with it.

Laugh with your spouse and not at your spouse. A sense of humor is a must if your marriage is to survive the pitfalls and setbacks that all marriages endure from time to time.

Unhappy marriages - there is always a solution to re-establishing closeness.

It is useful to realize that unhappy periods in married relationships are not always an indication of future unhappiness.

Many studies have been carried out on married couples who at a certain point in time would be termed unhappy for one reason or another, then within five years the vast majority, 86% in one study, were found to be either happy or very happy in their relationship.

The road you travel to save your marriage may not be as difficult as you may imagine it to be... very few marital issues cannot be resolved if both parties are willing to give it ago, be open in their relationship, and above all spend time communicating and being honest with each other.

Be marriage builders not marriage destroyers... forget their wrong doings and their faults, love them and forgive.

Remember this, a small positive change in your attitude and approach towards your partner can have a lasting therapeutic effect on your marital relationship.

Do you need additional relationship help?

The goal of this save your marriage advice site is to provide practical tips on saving your marriage and as much useful and detailed information as possibly in an effort to help couples with marital problems.

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Brad & Michelle Richie

Brad & Michelle Richie

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